Exploring Light Fixture Options For The Business WorldExploring Light Fixture Options For The Business World

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Exploring Light Fixture Options For The Business World

Hello everyone, I am Sean Vanderbilt. Welcome! I have a strong interest in light fixture options available for business settings. Fixture choices are important because light shining out of the fixture controls the ambiance in the room. The overall appearance of the light fixture also contributes to the atmosphere. In the business world, the way people feel upon walking into the room can control meeting outcomes, including client acquisitions and mergers. I would like to use this site to help business owners find the perfect light fixtures for their buildings. Furthermore, I will explore all of the tools and techniques used to install the fixtures in the ceiling or wall. My goal is to share information that makes the fixture selection process as easy as pie. Thank you for coming by my website.


Two Ways You Can Prevent Electrical Trouble Throughout The Holiday Season

The holiday season can be both exciting and stressful as you take time to decorate your home, cook holiday dinners and get gifts for loved ones. You might not even be thinking about electrical problems during the holidays, but you might be making some mistakes that lead to electrical fires that could derail your celebrations. Here are some ways you can prevent electrical problems during the holiday months. Don't Hang Lights with Broken Bulbs and Frayed Wires Read More 

Troubleshooting Tips When Your HVAC Motor Won’t Start Or Shuts Down Prematurely

Your home or business heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, or HVAC, relies on a motor to blow air throughout the building. While these motors are generally dependable, the internal parts that create friction do eventually wear out. If the motor won't start, go through this checklist to determine if it's a simple problem you can fix or if it's time to call a repair shop. On/Off Switch and Circuit Breaker Read More 

Why A Light Switch May Shock You When You Use It

If you have one light switch in your home that gives you a minor electrical shock each time you use it, you should call an electrician to fix it for you. When light switches do this, it is normally because there is a problem with the grounding wire. Grounding wires serve an important role in electrical outlets and switches, and here are several things you should know about this. What Are Grounding Wires For? Read More 

2 Safety Tips To Reduce Your Electrical Fire Risk

There are several things that could cause a house fire. One of the most common is electrical problems. The only way to completely get rid of the risk of electrical fires is to have nothing that runs on electricity in your house. Since that's not practical, there are things that you can do to minimize the risk of electrical fires in your home.  Eliminate Extension Cords Extension cords are found in just about every home. Read More 

4 Tips For Adding Lighting In Your Backyard

You have a beautiful garden, a perfectly-mowed lawn, and perfect d├ęcor on your patio; now what? If you haven't yet added lighting to your patio and backyard, now is the time. There are many options for lighting, from lanterns to spot lights. Before you start adding lighting, remember to keep your family's safety in mind. Contact an electrician if you have questions about the safety of any of these lighting options. Read More